Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is staffed by 27 officers, 5 SLEO II officers, and 3 Parking Violations Officers working to serve the community.  These numbers reflect seasonal employees to meet our population fluctuations during our summer months. The Patrol Division's primary functions are to protect life, safeguard property and protect the innocent against deception and the peaceful against violence or disorder.

Our Officers have the latest in technology available to them including in-car computer systems, electronic field reports and K-55 radar units. During each tour of duty, there are three Officers that have Automatic External Defibrillators in their patrol vehicles that give the Officers the ability to deliver vital care to a person stricken with cardiac arrest, when every second counts.

Each patrol vehicle is also equipped with Mobile Data Computers which allow the Officers in the field access to the Criminal Justice Information System which provides NCIC and DMV lookups.  The Mobile Data system provides rapid motor vehicle lookups and vehicle information as well as wanted persons hits within seconds.

The Bicycle Patrol program is staffed by  Officers who receive specialized training on using bicycles for police work. Bicycle Officers answer calls for service and conduct proactive patrol just like any other Patrol Officer except they use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. The bicycle allows officers to get into areas not accessible to vehicles and allows for "stealth" patrolling. The bicycle also augments the Officers' opportunities to make one on one contact with the community. In addition to patrol duties, the bicycle Officers also conduct bicycle safety programs to both children and adults.

The Ventnor Police Department has a Radar Trailer which is used to provided an extra measure of vehicle safety to our community. The speed trailer displays the speed of on-coming vehicles, heightening the awareness of motorists to their speed without the necessity or hardship of enforcement.