Community Policing

The Ventnor City Police Department is committed to be responsive to the needs of the community. We strive to reduce crime, improve the quality of life, pledge to work hand in hand with the members of the community to resolve problems and encourage our Officers to make personal contact with the citizens that they serve.

Community Policing is more of a philosophy than a program. The entire Department strives toward the goal of working with the community to resolve neighborhood problems. Problem solving is the key to Community Policing.

Officers will park and walk in their assigned areas to interact with the public and ascertain if there are any problems in the neighborhood that the Police Department can assist in problem solving. Officers will then develop an action plan to eliminate the problem, reduce crime and improve the quality of life affected by the complaint. If additional intervention in needed to resolve family or neighborhood issues, they will be provided with referrals to other agencies to assist them.

Officers will target areas of repeat offenses in order to resolve problems. They will spend more time in those areas where frequent calls for quality of life complaints are received such as traffic complaints, juvenile complaints, noise complaints, criminal behavior, etc. Security checks on vacant properties and properties that have previously been victimized by crime will be conducted.

The Police Department has trained Bicycle Patrol Units to further its community policing capabilities. The Officers conduct park and ride details in their assigned areas and attend certain public functions. These Officers are also specifically trained in bicycle patrol techniques as well as community policing.