Protect People and Property from Flood Hazard

It is likely impossible to bring the risk of personal or property damage to zero in an area where a widespread and damaging hazard is occurring. However, steps taken to mitigate the damage from a storm event and careful advance planning will pay significant dividends whether you live in or out of the flood zone or the direct path of a storm.

Before the Storm

  • Have you reduced the possibility of structural damage to your home? FEMA has produced publications describing best practices to make your home less susceptible to flood damage ( A structure can be flood-proofed through elevating the structure and its critical building systems, and/or by installing flood vents to allow for the drainage of water in a flood situation. Contact your Construction Official to determine which best practice that is right for you.
  • Do you have an Evacuation Plan for you and your household to follow? ( is the eminent disaster preparedness website for Atlantic County communities. The website contains detailed instructions on how to prepare for storm events and how to act when storm events are occurring.