Build Responsibly and Get Permits Before You Build

If you’re developing property in Ventnor or making substantial home improvements, it is imperative to have the necessary permits to do so. Ventnor’s City Code Enforcement office can provide guidance on navigating the construction code and is equipped to answer questions you may have about flood-related construction improvements. 

Contact information for the Code Enforcement office can be found below:

Ventnor City Code Enforcement
6201 Atlantic Avenue
Ventnor, NJ 08406
Telephone: 609-823-7987
Office Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Monday ~ Friday (Excluding Holidays)

Be mindful that your property may be subject to a State permitting process under certain conditions, such as waterfront development. If the specifications for your project exceed the requirements set forth in Ventnor’s zoning code ( and Flood Hazard Area ordinance (, a Planning Board meeting may be required to acquire a variance from the code needed for the development of your project.

Among the more specific standards for Ventnor, any new construction or substantial improvement of residential structures in the A or AE zone must be elevated (along with any utilities) to three feet above the base flood elevation. New and substantially improved non-residential structures in the A zone must be elevated to two feet above the most restrictive Base Flood Elevation and must be fully flood-proofed below the base flood elevation. Please consult with a Construction Official and the Municipal Code linked in the previous paragraph for more information on development regulations in the floodplain.