Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates are used to determine your property’s elevation within the floodplain and helps to determine what your flood premium is. This page will host elevation certificates for properties within Ventnor’s Special Flood Hazard Area. Elevation Certificates posted here will become searchable once available.

The City’s Code Enforcement office receives copies of elevation certificates from properties within the SFHA and maintains these records.

More information about elevation certificates is available here: http://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1428941960043-a8f37b7e3af25f47396bbff04e7bf036/FEMA-HFIAA_ECFActSheet_040715.pdf

Elevation Certificates:

102 N Buffalo107 N Somerset110 S Melbourne
116 N Buffalo116 N Lafayette125 N Sacramento
127 N Sacramento131 N Newport132 N Surrey
20 N Buffalo201 N Melbourne204 N Dudley
1 S Nashville
207 N Wissahickon209 N Harvard
214 N Surrey223 N Surrey304 N Harvard
310 N Oxford310 N Surrey311 N Oxford
324 N Dudley326 N Dorset328 N Oxford
401 N Oxford416 N Suffolk429 N Suffolk
507 N Somerset5105 Winchester5410 Edgewater
5501 Edgewater5706 Edgewater6 N Lafayette
600 N Oxford610 N Cambridge611 N Cambridge
6214 Calvert6301 Ventnor6313 Monmouth
706 N Cambridge8 N Wyoming9 N Swarthmore
910 N Harvard104 N Rosborough Ave110 N Baltimore
111 N Somerset112 N Cornwall112 N Newark
116 N New Haven118 N Martindale119 N Avolyn
12 S Hillside120 N Somerset

134 N Harvard

203 N Lafayette205 N Melbourne209 N Wissahickon
21 N Lafayette210 N Suffolk220 N Somerset
23 N Cornwall23 N Weymouth26 N Washington
2A N Baton Rouge304 N Somerset310 N Dudley
312 N Dudley36 N Weymouth406 N Cambridge
506 N Cambridge507 N Dudley515 N Oxford
5502 Monmouth5504 Monmouth5505 Monmouth
5709 Winchester5901 Fremont601 N Cambridge
603 N Oxford604 N Cambridge604 N Dudley
607 N Cornwall6401 Monmouth6409 Winchester
6413 Ventnor7 N New Haven806 N Cambridge
811 N Harvard102 S Baltimore
103 S Richards
109 S Baltimore
112 N Newark
116 S Stratford
126 N Cambridge
129 N Newport
129 N Surrey
1A N Marion
1B N Marion
2A N Baton Rouge
2B N Baton Rouge
302 N Cornwall
310 N Dudley
312 N Dudley
5013 Ventnor Ave
5219 Wellington 
5505 Wellington 
5900 Boardwalk
6001 Burk
6400 Sunset
102 N Buffalo
107 N Sacramento (Improvement)
107 S Cornwall
108 S Martindale
110 N Suffolk ( Elevation)
111 S Pittsburgh
114 S Troy
115 S Newport
118 N New Haven
12 N Victoria
129 N Newark
15 S Baltimore
16 S Weymouth
2 N Suffolk
23 N Hillside
23 S Vassar
326 N Dudley
328 N Dudley
431 N Oxford (Elevation)
5015 Ventnor
5017 Ventnor
6 S Baltimore
6103 Marshall 
6315 Monmouth (Elevation)
6703 Monmouth
707 N Baltimore ( Elevation)
8 N Buffalo
9 S Newark