Code Enforcement FAQ

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Code Enforcement FAQ
What is your Office number and Fax number?

Office: (609) 823-7987  

Fax: (609) 823-7966

What are your inspection days and times?
  • Building inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday (AM) 9-12 or (PM) 1-3.
  • Fire inspections are Tuesday and Thursday 9 am to 2 pm
  • Plumbing inspections are Tuesday and Thursday 9am- 2 pm.
  • Electric inspections are Tuesday and Thursday 9am-2pm.
  • Housing inspections are Monday- Friday 930am- 1pm ( every half hour)
What are your office hours?

Monday- Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

How many sets of plans have to be submitted for a permit?

-- New home/Addition: 3 sets

-- Renovation: 2 sets

When do I need to submit a Survey of my property?

A survey is needed for any Zoning applications submitted for the following work:  Fence, Shed, Concrete, Building, Addition, Elevation, Deck, Stairs, and New Building. This is to make sure you are not exceeding your lot coverage.

How do I obtain records of an old permit?

To obtain an old permit you will have to file an OPRA request with the City Clerk.

What paperwork is needed to sell a home?

In order to sell your home you will need a Land Use and Sale Certificate of Occupancy (per unit). Each form is $50.00 due at the time of scheduling.



What do I need to rent my property?

IF you have an Airbnb you must obtain a mercantile license.

If you are renting Seasonal (May – September) and are renting to tenants for under 30 days, you must obtain a Mercantile license along with a seasonal C.O.

Monthly and Yearly rentals only require a C.O

If you are renting under 30 days in the off season, you must obtain a mercantile license along with a C.O every time a tenant is changed.

What is the date range for a Seasonal Certificate of Occupancy?

You must obtain a Seasonal Certificate of Occupancy for $50 if you are changing out tenants frequently through the dates of May 15th- September 14th.

What is required to get a certificate of occupancy?

During the time of inspection our inspector will be looking at the following:


  • Curb/sidewalk trip hazards.
  • House address.
  • Siding, trim, gutters, and windows.
  • Railings (all)/ spindles 36 inch rail for code.
  • High grass
  • Window screens from May 15th to October 1st


  • Deadbolt lock front door key.
  • Spot check windows.
  • Smoke detectors/ carbon monoxide each level, smokes all bedrooms.
  • Fire extinguisher ABC type the little tile must be in the green to see if it is full.
  • Dry vented to exterior
  • Electric on
  • Appliances working
  • Two outlets in each bedroom
  • Bathroom electrical outlet, fan and/ or exhaust window.
  • Cosmetics, mold in tub, rug clean, paint not chipping, etc.
  • Pressure relief valve cannot be 6 inches off the ground.
  • Check all sinks for leaks and shut off valves, including toilet.
  • Electric panel for blanks.
  • Unit must be CLEAN.


What is needed to obtain a parking permit?

In order to obtain a parking permit you must live in the following:

  1. Jackson Avenue to Little Rock, from South Side of Atlantic to the Boardwalk, in the City of Ventnor.
  2. Jackson Avenue to Weymouth North Side of Winchester to the Boardwalk.

Parking Permits are purchased from the Building & Code Office from 8:30am to 4:30pm. 

Each permit is valid for two years and is $20 per item.  

Requirements to receive a permit:

Each legal resident is entitled to one (1) permit per vehicle registered in their name. Certificate of Occupancy will be checked to ensure vehicle owner resides at the property.
Each property in the 4 hour residential parking zone is entitled to two (2) visitor passes, also $20 each.

To receive your parking permits via mail you must provide the following:

  • Ventnor address
  • Phone number
  • Return Mailing Address
  • Copy of each vehicle registration per sticker
  • A check with the amount due made payable to the City of Ventnor
  • Please be specific in your correspondence the number of permits you are requesting

If you have any questions please contact the Building Dept. at (609) 823-7987

Because of limited access to City Hall during Covid, all permits will be mailed to the return mailing address. 
Building Department processes permit requests daily.