Ventnor Green Team

Community Solar for Ventnor Residents

Have you been interested in going solar, but have not been able to? Ventnor City residents are now able to participate in the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ newest clean energy program, community solar. The program is designed so that everyone can access the great benefits of solar energy, regardless of housing or financial situation. Rather than placing solar panels on your roof, you subscribe to a large solar array located locally.

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Native Species Information

The Ventnor Green Team encourages local residents to get to know native plants. Native plants are those that are meant to grow in our local ecosystem. They thrive in Ventnor’s unique climate and require minimal maintenance and watering. They also provide a natural habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. 

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The Ventnor Green Team planted a pollinator garden in Ventnor West that is filled with native species. 

Tree Inventory 

In conjunction with the Ventnor Green Team, David DeCredico has been surveying the city to create a complete inventory of street trees. By recording the species, size, and overall health of the trees, the city can more effectively take action in ensuring that the trees in town are not only lush and vibrant, but safe for those who may live and drive around them. Using software developed by the United States Forest Service, the complete inventory can also be used to determine how much carbon is stored in the wood, how much oxygen is produced by the trees, and even how much rain runoff is absorbed through the trees’ roots.

Ventnor 2023 Tree Inventory Full Report

Species Distribution Inventory

Species Summary

Green Purchasing Policy

Green Grounds and Maintenance Policy