Commissioner Landgraf

I would like to thank the residents of the City of Ventnor City for the confidence they have shown in supporting our team. Without that support we, as a community, would not have been able to accomplish so many things in a very short amount of time and to continue that effort moving forward. What we all have imagined has started to show its colors. A vibrant business community, improvements to our infrastructure, fiscal oversight that is holding each department accountable, recreational and entertainment opportunities for all ages and an overall positive, we can do this attitude, that I believe has spread throughout our city.

As Commissioner, I will strive for continued responsible fiscal management, maintenance of our infrastructure systems and encourage new development in our city that increases our ratable base. I will continue to support our city hall staff, public works, recreational staff and public safety teams efforts to provide first rate services to our residents and visitors. I believe we have created a team of municipal employees and professionals that truly care about our community and make every effort to continue to improve the City of Ventnor City.

Lance B. Landgraf, Jr.

Commissioner of Public Works and Code Enforcement