General Information
Tax Collector
Margaret R Pacanowski
Phone Numbers
Fax: 609-822-0214
Emergencies: Dial 911
6201 Atlantic Ave.
Ventnor City,

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Tax Collector

2021-2022 Property Tax Bills:

We have received the tax rate for 2021. The bills are being printed and will be mailed within the next two weeks. The grace period is being extended to September 28, 2021.

Under State of New Jersey Executive Order 190 and 229, no household in New Jersey can have its Water service shut off due to non-payment through June 30, 2021. The City of Ventnor already abides by this provision and will continue to do so. The City of Ventnor has ceased the accrual of interest and delinquent penalties on Utility services during the Public Health Emergency

If you are need of assistance, Atlantic County Division of Public Health, Department of Humans Services or 201 Shore Rd, Northfield, NJ 08225  (609) 645-5935 has programs.

Customer Assistance programs at the state level are available at New Jersey 211, any day, any time for confidential referrals to local health and human service assistance services or search NJ 2-1-1’s online database at

The Ventnor City Tax collector handles an assortment of activities, which include the following:

  • Collection of all current and delinquent taxes
  • The placement of liens on properties being sold to either outside lien holders or the City
  • Property owned by the City being transferred through legal proceedings to property acquired by taxation
  • Implements all assessor, county and tax court changes
  • Validates the accounting of all collection of bank statements and various subsidiary ledgers
  • The filing of all required reports to various state and local agencies per NJSA
  • Complete tax research requisitions
  • Responsible for proper communication between the City and taxpayers concerning the amounts due on the property
  • Monitor delinquent accounts and send out notices after every tax quarter as well as year-end tax sale notices.

The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing, collection, reporting and enforcement of municipal taxes for the City of Ventnor City. Tax bills are mailed annually in July. Property taxes are due on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt you from paying taxes or the interest due on delinquent taxes. The City of Ventnor City does permit a 10 day grace period. Please be advised that the State of New Jersey DOES NOT allow the Tax Collector to acknowledge postmarks, therefore, the taxes must be received in our office on or before the 10th. Should the 10th fall on a weekend or legal holiday, you will have until the next business day to make payment. Payments may be made by check, cash or money order. As a statutory officer of the State of New Jersey, the Tax Collector is obligated to follow all State Statutes regarding property tax collection including billing, due dates, charging interest on delinquent taxes and tax sale procedures.  No one has the authority to forgive interest on delinquent taxes.

Tax Due Dates:

  • 1st Quarter due February 1st; 2nd Quarter due May 1st; 3rd Quarter due August 1st; 4th Quarter due November 1st.   Each tax quarter has a grace period until the 10th of the month in which the taxes are due, after which interest will be assessed.

Tax Sale: 

  • Any unpaid delinquent taxes due from the prior year which are still owing may be subject to “TAX SALE”.  Tax Sale is the enforcement of collections against a property by placing a lien against the property for all outstanding municipal charges due at the end of the Calendar year (December 31).  Municipal charges include but are not limited to: Property Taxes, Special Improvement District Taxes (S.I.D), Added/Omitted Assessments, Property Maintenance liens. 

State of New Jersey Property Tax Relief Programs

There are three separate and distinct property tax relief programs available to New Jersey homeowners from the State.

  • Annual Veteran & Senior/Disabled $250.00 deductions
  • Property Tax Reimbursement Program (Senior Freeze)
  • Homestead Benefit Program

Annual Deduction for Veterans: 

  • Annual deduction of up to $250 from taxes due on the real or personal property of qualified war veterans and their unmarried surviving spouses/surviving civil union partners/surviving domestic partners.***

Annual Property Tax Deduction for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons:

  • Annual deduction of up to $250 from property taxes for homeowners age 65 or older or disabled who meet certain income and residency requirements. ***

***These (2) benefits are administered by the local municipality.  Eligibility Requirements, applications, and assistance with these deductions are available at the Tax Assessment Office.

Property Tax Reimbursement ("Senior Freeze" Program):

The State funded PTR program reimburses qualified applicants for the property tax increases they may incur each year from the base year. The base year is the first year an applicant meets eligibility requirements. It is important to understand the taxpayer pays the taxes as they come due and then the increase is reimbursed the following year. The deadline to submit the 2018 PTR applications is October 31, 2019.  For updated information on changes to the Senior Freeze Program for 2018, check the Division of Taxation's website

Homestead Benefit Program:

The filing deadline for 2016 Homestead Benefit Applications was November 30, 2018.  Homestead benefits for 2016 have been applied to the May 2019 property tax bills. Additional information on the 2016 homestead benefit will be posted when it becomes available.  For eligibility and other information about the Homestead Benefit Program go to:

Automatic Direct Withdrawal

The office offer a Direct Withdrawal program for Tax and Water/Sewer bills. Please contact the Tax office for forms and information