General Information
Fire Chief
Mike Cahill
Deputy Fire Chief
Brady Middlesworth
Fire Official/Fire Inspector
Thomas Halpin
Fire Inspector
Joseph Iannuzzelli
Fire Investigator
Kyle Smith
Phone Numbers
Fax: 609-823-7767
Emergencies: Dial 911
20 N New Haven Ave.
Station 2: Little Rock & Wellington Ave.
Ventnor City,

Hours of Operation
24 / 7 / 365


The mission of the Ventnor City Fire Department is as follows;

  • To prevent fires from starting through education and inspection programs.
  • To prevent the loss of life and limit the loss of property when a fire starts, by attempting to reach all fires within 4 minutes and perform immediate rescue operations.
  • To confine fire to its place of origin, providing a rapid and aggressive interior attack to extinguish all fire.
  • The Emergency Medical Division of the Ventnor City Fire Department will work to insure the consist delivery of high quality EMS treatment and transport to the citizens and visitors of Ventnor. This will be accomplished through an ongoing educational training program and the procurement of quality E.M.S. equipment.
  • To establish, follow, and periodically update fire prevention policies and procedures to prevent all fires that could have been anticipated and prevented.
  • To establish and enforce building and fire codes in order to ensure safe conditions.
  • To educate the public of the importance of fire prevention through school programs and public presentations.

The Ventnor City Fire Department will strive to maintain a highly qualified group of Firefighters, Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians through rigorous training & educational programs.

The department has developed rules, regulations and guidelines that meet and exceed the local, state and federal requirements.

The department will strive to maintain proper records, train to the NFPA standards, develop special operations that meet the requirements and needs of the citizens and maintain all entrusted equipment, vehicles and fire stations.