City Pier House Ribbon Cutting and Opening on June 26

The City will host a ribbon cutting of its new pier house and restrooms at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 26. The Pier House is located at Cambridge Avenue and the Boardwalk. Following the ribbon cutting, the pier will be open to the public until 8 p.m.

Ventnor received five bids in February of this year for the demolition of the existing restroom structure and small pier office and for the construction of a new, wood framed restroom/office building of 768 square feet. The contract was awarded to Weatherby Construction in late February, started in early March, and substantially completed this month. This new building includes a separate women’s and men’s restroom, a family restroom and a pier master office.

"After much anticipation, we are excited to open this beautiful structure that will provide needed convenience for our residents and visitors alike," said Commissioner of Public Works, Lance Landgraf. "The building will no longer be just the bathroom at the pier, 'The Pier House' is a facility that we can be proud of today and long into the future," he added. "The design team of Mark Petrella of SOSH Architects, builder Weatherby Construction, City Engineer Ed Stinson and our very own Commissioner Tim Kriebel did an extraordinary job fine tuning the structure to fit the image of Ventnor City."

Annual memberships will be pro-rated. For example, a $175 fishing fee for adults will cost $150, a $150 annual fishing fee for seniors will cost $125 and a $50 annual fishing fee for youths age 10 to 17 or spectators will cost $40.

The Ventnor City fishing pier measures 1000 feet and is the longest of the state’s ocean fishing piers. Its an ideal spot for anglers to cast their fishing line. People come from all over to either fish or enjoy the sights.

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