Beach and Boardwalk Reopening Schedule

Boardwalk will open to pedestrian traffic on Friday, May 22. Beaches will open for swimming and sunbathing Saturday, May 23. 

Beginning Friday, May 22 at sunrise, the Ventnor Boardwalk will be open to pedestrian traffic only (walking and running). No bike riding on the boardwalk (bike riding will begin a week later on May 29).

Pedestrians on the boardwalk should stay to the right side to maintain physical distancing. No dogs are allowed on the boardwalk at any time.

Beachgoers are expected to follow social distancing guidelines - staying 6-feet apart as much as possible. It’s critically important that everyone respects these guidelines and each other so that we all can enjoy Ventnor’s greatest natural asset. An increased Police presence this summer on the beach will enforce the 6 foot guideline. 

Swimming at guarded beaches will be allowed Saturday, May 23rd at the normal four pre-season beaches including Headquarters Suffolk Ave, Dorset Ave, New Haven and Lafayette Avenues. 

These four locations will have two stands each to spread out bathing area. Swimming will expand to all guarded beaches as the season progresses.  Ventnor Fire Department will add two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to the beach during the day that are trained in Covid-19 Response to assist the Ventnor Beach Patrol. 

The City of Ventnor requires Beach Badges for the Beach from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The Governors Guidelines for beaches that apply on May 23rd to Ventnor are:

  •  Extend social distancing to the beaches, ensuring that people stay six feet apart except for family groups, household members, caretakers or couples.
  • Facemasks are not required, but they are recommended.
  • Allow anyone on the beach, and not restrict it to just local residents.
  • Implement proper and regular sanitation rules.
  • Prohibit contact sports and organized events.
  • Prohibit beach summer camps and fireworks, festivals and concerts.
  • Open shower pavilions, changing areas and restrooms. Restrooms at parks can also reopen.
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