Important Message on COVID-19 from City of Ventnor

Dear Ventnor Community,

Ventnor City government is responding to our shared public responsibility to limit the risk of transmitting coronavirus (COVID-19). Starting tomorrow all Ventnor City buildings will be closed to the public.

These new and precautionary measures will impact the way the public communicates, but all departments and services will continue to operate. To avoid close contact, we encourage you to communicate with the City via telephone, email, and social media whenever possible.

Please follow our Facebook page, @Ventnor411 on Twitter and our website for specific information on how to contact each department and changes in events and meetings. Updates will follow in the days and weeks ahead.

These precautions will be in place for at least two weeks and likely longer as conditions and guidance dictates. This is a very fluid situation and adjustments to our plans may change rapidly.  The entire country is in uncharted territory as we respond to this worldwide crisis. We ask that everybody, including city team members, year-round residents, seasonal homeowners and guests, take common-sense precautions to limit the risk of transmission.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we adjust and respond to the changing conditions over the next few weeks or months. Ventnor has proven in the past that we are a strong and resilient community that rises to the challenges it faces. Ventnor will prove that character once again as we look out for one another and manage this new challenge.

Beth Holtzman / Tim Kriebel / Lance Landgraf 

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