Commission Meeting for North Beach Residents on February 13

Please join us on February 13 at the Commission Chambers in City Hall to continue our discussion about the future of the parking permit policy in your area. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

Currently, the city provides unlimited parking in the 2-hour parking zone to residents who purchase a permit. Those permits are restricted to the north end of the 1st Ward from Jackson Ave. to Frankfort Ave. and Winchester Ave. to the Boardwalk, including high rise residents.

During the meeting, we will describe the ordinance as it exists now and new factors that have an effect on parking as well as possible changes to the policy.

We welcome your attendance and participation. The entire administration and members of the police department and a professional traffic and parking engineer will be on hand for the discussion

If you are unable to attend we invite you to watch the recording of the session a few days after the 13th on “Live Meetings” section in the upper right corner of our website: and contact us with comments by email.

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