Statement from Mayor Landgraf on Offshore Wind Update

"While Ventnor supports alternative energy sources, we are happy to hear that Orsted is pulling out of the Ocean Wind projects in NJ.  These projects were planned too close to our coastline and within areas that would have negatively affected marine life as well as our coastal economy.  From tourism to the fishing industry, these turbines just 10 miles off of our coast would have had a dramatic negative impact on our communities.  Their own Environmental Impact studies confirmed the proximity of the turbines will have negative impacts to many of the shoreline’s historical structures. In Ventnor City, both our fishing pier and the homes in our historic St. Leonard's Tract would have been adversely impacted by seeing hundreds of turbines along the horizon.  These are not acceptable impacts; all of these projects should be reevaluated, and better care taken in the location, construction techniques and design of the turbines.  We are hopeful that future efforts to reduce global warming and climate change can be done without negatively impacting local communities and our coastal environment.” - Mayor Landgraf

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