Ventnor City Police Department Hiring Crossing Guards

The Ventnor City Police Department is in search of qualified candidates to become Crossing Guards. Crossing Guards assist the police department by safely crossing school children to and from the Ventnor Educational Community Complex. 

Candidates must have the ability to:

  • stand or walk for long periods of time
  • interact with children and adults, exercise mature judgement 
  • express oneself clearly and precisely with physical and verbal direction, 
  • utilize both arms and hands to present discernible physical traffic signals employing a department issued handheld stop sign while wearing an authorized traffic safety vest
  • remain alert and attentive at a post
  • act quickly calmly and decisively in certain situations involving the safety of others
  • follow written an oral instruction effectively
  • work independently or as a team, learn controls quickly
  • maintain a thorough knowledge of the proper control of safe crossing for school children in regards to apparent vehicular traffic
  • learn display and maintain all skills knowledge and abilities for the performance of all duties and responsibilities as established by the Chief of Police
  • perform all duties and responsibilities during inclement weather and various lighting conditions.

Minimum Qualifications: 

1. Standards are set by N.J.S.A. 40A: 9-154: 

a. Is a citizen and resident of this state; 

b. Is sound in body and of good health; 

c. Is of good moral character; and 

d. Has not been convicted of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Captain Joe Fussner at 609-822-2101 or email for application information.

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