Ventnor Property Tax Rate Drops 4.9 Cents for 2019

The Ventnor City tax rate will decrease 4.9 cents in 2019, continuing a downward trend that began with a 1.4 cent decrease in 2018. 

The decrease is a result of several factors, including reducing costs and substituting other revenue sources other than property taxes to sustain the budget, such as beach, recreation, permit and meter fees, as well as responsible surplus management.  

The overall budget, which includes the county and schools was also reduced. “The City School Bond Ordinance that the City committed to last year was instrumental in achieving this decrease,” said Mayor Beth Holtzman.  

Commissioner Kriebel also attributes the decrease to positive contract changes negotiated in 2017 for Fire and Police Departments.  
Both Holtzman and Kriebel commented on the new leadership in both their respective areas, such as Finance and Public Safety.  “We said goodbye to good long-term leaders since taking office and were fortunate enough to have amazing individuals step in.”  

2018 2.634 (.014)
2019 2.585 (.049)

A $300,000.00 assessed property saw an average of $40.00 per year decrease from the Ventnor local rate alone over the past two years. The overall Tax Rate for 2019 reduction on a $300,000.00 assessed property is $147.00 or $49.00 per $100,000.00 of assessed value. 

“Thank you to all City departments for holding their budget lines and spending responsibly,” said Commissioner Lance Landgraf. “I would particularly like to thank the departments that come under me; Public Works for diligently working to keep City infrastructure running efficiently and effectively and Code and Construction for managing the accelerated new interest in developing here, as well as having their feet to the ground and their eyes on our community."

“We are also encouraged by the uptick in new construction and improvements to residential and new commercial developments and the positive effects on our rateables,”added Kriebel.     

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