Ventnor City Municipal Court

Judge Michael Mosca
Court Administrator Kathleen A. Robbins
Deputy Court Administrator Deanna Jackson
Violations Clerk Nat Ginsberg

Violations Clerk Susan Capille

Prosecutor William E Reynolds
Public Defender Jerry Steiner

Ventnor City Hall – 2nd floor
6201 Atlantic Avenue
Ventnor City New Jersey 08406
(609) 823-7906

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Court Dates For 2017

All court dates are on Tuesday except where noted 

Court begins at 9am

Attorneys at 11am 

Court Dates:

January 10                               January 24                                  January 31

February 14                              February 28

March 7                                    March 14                                    March 28

April 4                                       April 11                                       April 25

May 2                                       May 9 (Public Defender)               May 23

June 6                                      June 20                                       June 27

July 11                                      July 18                                        July 25

August 1                                   August 15                                   August 22                            August 29

September 12                          September 19                             September 26                 

October 3                                       October 17                                         October 26

November 14                                November 21                                    November 28

December 5                                   December 12                                   December 19

Mediation Dates

All Dates are Tuesdays at 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted

January 17

February 7

March 21

April 18

May 16

June 13

August 8

September 5

October 24 


Special Sessions Scheduled as needed

For Motor Vehicle ticket payment and information, please go to:

Although the Judicial Staff of the Municipal Court are employees of the City of Ventnor, they are governed by the rules of the Court as set down by the State of New Jersey Supreme Court. The Municipal Court is directly supervised by the Administrative Office of the courts, (AOC.) The function of the Court personnel is to assist the Judge in the adjudication of cases that are brought before the Court. This assistance is limited to the scheduling of court appearances, mediation hearings, receipt of fines/penalties/assessments, and the disbursement of the monies collected to the appropriate agencies.

When restitution is ordered by the Judge, those payments are also collected and dispersed to the complainant/victim.

The Ventnor City Municipal Court is a quasi-criminal court which handles all non-indictable offenses, including:

  • Traffic Summonses
  • Petty disorderly person complaints
  • City ordinances
  • Violation of municipal ordinances (local laws)

Cases heard in the Ventnor City Municipal court are divided into four general categories:

  • Violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws
  • Violations of disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses
  • Violations of Fish & Game laws, Parks & Forests, Weights & Measures, Boating regulations

More serious offenses known as indictable offenses are arraigned in Municipal Court, but are then sent to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. The Atlantic County Prosecutor then decides whether to present the case to the Grand Jury, or return the case to the Municipal court as a less serious offense. (downgraded charge)

The following are some helpful hints to assist you in navigating through the Ventnor City Municipal court System;

1. ALL payable traffic summons must be paid by the date on the front of the summons.
2. If the “Court Appearance Required” box is checked, the defendant must appear in Ventnor City Municipal Court.
3. If a defendant wishes to enter a “not guilty” plea, the Court must be notified within seven (7) days prior to the court date.
4. If a traffic summons is being paid and the amount of the fine is not on the summons, please call the Ventnor City Municipal court for the correct fine amount.
5. If paying by mail, and a receipt is required, a stamped self addressed envelope must accompany the payment.
6. If you intend to pay at the Ventnor City Municipal Court Violations Bureau, the window hours are 8:30 am until 4:00 pm.
7. Traffic Summonses can be paid on line at