Emergency Information

This page will include Emergency Information for the City of Ventnor and will be updated.

Ventnor participates in the CodeRED notification service. This service allows for reverse 9-1-1 phone calls to landlines and registered cellular device numbers. Ventnor will use CodeRED for flooding emergencies. Residents can sign up for calls and texts to their cell phones at this link: https://public.coderedweb.com/cne/en-US/647738E6DBF8

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management has created a Coastal Evacuation Route map for the counties of New Jersey. Its evacuation route map of Atlantic County can be found here: http://www.state.nj.us/njoem/plan/pdf/maps/atlantic_evac.pdf

Ventnor Avenue is the sole designated coastal evacuation route going through the City. The only access to areas out of the flood hazard area and to the mainland is through the adjacent municipalities of Margate or Atlantic City. Route 40 (Black Horse Pike) in Atlantic City and County Road 563 (Margate Boulevard) in Margate serve as the closest routes taking residents off of Absecon Island to the mainland. In addition, the Atlantic City Expressway, Route 30 (White Horse Pike), and Route 152 are additional designated coastal evacuation routes from Absecon Island to the mainland.

Planning an evacuation route as well as rendezvous point out of the flood area in advance can be a life-saving measure. Know the routes nearest to your house, and pick a landmark away from the hazard area to meet with other members of your household in the event that you are separated during the evacuation process.

Detailed flood safety precautions information can be found on ReadyAtlantic.org (http://www.readyatlantic.org/prepare/flood.asp), which is a website operated by Atlantic County providing detailed disaster preparedness information for a range of potential hazards.



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