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Ventnor City Beach Patrol

Stanley Bergman
Chief, VCBP
Suffolk Avenue and the Beach
Ventnor City, New Jersey 08406
(609) 823-7948
(609) 823-7953

Ventnor City Beach Patrol Roster

Chief Stanley Bergman
Captain William Howarth

Lieutenant Woody Ferry
Lieutenant John Hazlett
Lieutenant Gary Howarth
Lieutenant Rob Wagner


Kieran Advena
Shannon Howarth
Casey Alcorn
Kaspar Jessitor
Matt Beirne
Lisa Jones
Loius Berges
Amanda Kane
Briana Best
Bill Lacavara
Brian Blair
Breanne Leithman
Dan Bryzgornia
Taylor Ludwig
Chris Bryzgornia
Morgan Lynn
T.J. Burke
Vince Mahoney
Jessica Burke
Jake Mason
Zack Calhoun
Matt McDevitt
Joe Callahan
Andy McElroy
Dan Canosa
Travis McElroy
Vince Canoso, Sr.
Mike McMenamin
Selvy Carrizosa
Paddy Milligan
Lizabeth Chacor


Eric Mooney
Eric Daniels
Leslie Morgan
Chris Dennis
Mike Mosca
Rich DiCioccio
Lindsey Pfrommer
Angelina DiPasquale
Kevin Prendergast
Pat Finnnerty
Gariella Scalera
Mitch Friedel
Jason Scanny
David Funk
Dan Schall
Matt Given
Ryna Sekinger
Amy Guerra
Shawn Slattery
Rick Guerrieri
Greg Smith
Al Hehre
Nick Stefanci
Megan Holland
Mike Tripician
Mike Holland
Dylan Turner
Paige Howarth
Steve White
Mackenzie Howarth
Mike Wright

Protected Beach Information

The City of Ventnor City provides guarded beaches during the Summer months at the following locations:

  • Vassar Square
  • Austin
  • Frankfort
  • Suffolk
  • Dorset
  • Sacramento
  • Surrey
  • New Haven
  • Buffalo
  • Lafayette
  • Washington
  • Open 10am-6pm

The hours that our lifeguards are on duty vary during the beginning and end of the summer. Please call the Beach Headquarters at (609) 822-7948 to ascertain which beaches are guarded, and what the hours are.

Beach Fee

The City of Ventnor requires Beach Badges for the Beach from memorial Day through Labor day. Badges can be purchased at Ventnor City Hall, Beach Patrol Headquarters, the Ventnor Fishing Pier, or on the Beach by any Beach Badge Inspector. Badges can be purchased prior to June 1st for $7.00 for the season, and $3.50 for Seasonal Senior Citizens badges. After May 31st, badges are available at a rate of $15.00 for the Season. Weekly badges are available for $10.00.

Handicap Access

Ventnor City offers two handicap locations for access to the beach. Located at Suffolk and the Beach, and Newport and the Beach, these locations offer Handicap parking, as well as ADA approved access ramps directly to the beach from our boardwalk.
If other special assistance is required, the Ventnor City Beach Patrol offers special assistance chairs for additional access to the beach. Please contact the lifeguards to assist you.


Surfing is permitted alongside the fishing Pier at Cornwall Avenue during the daylight hours.

Kayak Beach

Kayaks are permitted on the beach at:

  • Princeton Avenue
  • Between Surrey Ave & Suffolk Ave.
  • During Daylight hours


Dunes, Beach Grass

During the Winter and Spring of 2004, the City of Ventnor, along with the United States Army Corp of Engineers, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection entered into an agreement to provide coastal storm damage reduction and shoreline protection along the beach. As a result of this action, the beach was widened, and a sand dune of beach grass was constructed along the entire Ventnor City beach. The interference or alteration, destruction, or removal of these sand dunes and vegetation along the beachfront are protected under Federal Law. Violators are punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Dogs on the Beach

Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach during the months of May 15 through September 30th. During the times of October 1st through May 15th, dogs may be walked on a leash only on the areas of beach washed by the high tideline.



Bathroom are located at the following::

  • Library New Haven & Atlantic Avenues
  • City Hall 6201 Atlantic Ave
  • Ventnor Fishing Pier on the Beach
  • Ventnor Tennis Courts Atlantic & Somerset Avenues
  • Porta Potties Suffolk Ave Ramp



mailing address: 6201 Atlantic Avenue. Ventnor, New Jersey 08406

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