Updated Note from Commissioner Kriebel Regarding Ice Cream Vendors

I would like to thank the public for listing and contributing to the conversation on this topic. I have heard from many full-time residents and second homeowners that are for changing how the City sells ice cream and some that are against changing. However, because this issue seems to be far too emotionally connected to the vendors and how it benefits veterans, I will not be to pursuing a change at this time. This topic will simply be a discussion item for the commission and public on Thursday at 5:30 p.m., focusing on how to enforce and improve the existing veterans only ordinance.

My opinion hasn’t changed, and I still feel the obligation to reform policies that can lessen the taxpayer burden. I will continue to analyze, look for alternatives, and suggest change when a majority of taxpayer’s financial interests are affected.

Regarding ice cream sales, I will suggest stronger enforcement by the Ventnor Police Department of the existing ordinance that brought the subject to the forefront in the first place.

The difficulty here is there is no easy compromise that benefits the 15 vendors and the taxpayers at the same time. I asked for ways to compromise, like donating to veterans groups or limiting the bidders to veterans, none of which are allowed. I also believe raising fees to the market value of the license would be unfair to the individual vendors.

Ventnor residents have made it clear this is too divisive and emotional of a policy to change at this time. Thursday’s workshop will be a time that the rest of the administration can weigh in and hear the Police Department’s report on the subject and the public’s point of view. I hope you can join us at Thursday’s meeting. Regardless, the City will update the public on social media and our website.

-- Commissioner Tim Kriebel

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