Beach Replenishment Update

Beach replenishment is expected to resume in the City of Ventnor as early as Saturday, August 12, according to an update from the US Army Corps of Engineers. The project will resume at Jackson Avenue and move downbeach. The work is expected to last approximately three to four weeks, but may move quicker as the project did in Atlantic City.
“The replenishment project should finish up in time for the fall and winter storm season, providing Ventnor with increased protection from coastal flooding,” said Ventnor City Commissioner Lance Landgraf.
“We understand the frustrations our community has expressed,” said Mayor Beth Holtzman, “but we encourage our residents, visitors and business owners to focus on the long-term resiliency it will provide that will outlast the headaches we’ve endured.”
For continued updates on the project, please see visit www.ventnorcity.org/dunes or the official U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Absecon Island Construction Project Site: http://www.nap.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Absecon-Island-Storm-Damage-Reduction/

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