Burglar Thwarted by Ventnor Police Dept.

Around 3:30 this morning, Ventnor Police ruined the plans of a suspect who entered an unoccupied summer residence at 5800 Boardwalk.

Sgt. Steven E. Doyle, Officer Patrick M. Hiltner, K9 Officer Marc Franco Jr. and K9 Joker, under the supervision of Lt. Joseph T. Wootton, responded to the scene of a burglary after a concerned resident heard noises coming from a nearby condominium. After speaking with the owner to determine no one was permitted to be at the residence, the officers made contact with the suspect. The suspect initially refused to comply and exit the property. Prior to the completion of the announcement of the deployment of K9 Joker, the suspect surrendered. The suspect was charged with burglary and obstruction.

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